Esprit de Corps Club Requirements
last update 4/19/15

4-H age divisions are listed below. 

These are based on the child's age on October 1st of the current 4-H year.
Cloverbud: 5-7 years of age
Junior: 8-10 years of age
Intermediate: 11-13 years of age
Senior: 14-18 years of age

These are the requirements to be a member of Esprit De Corp in good standing.  And consist of a set of common requirements that every E.D.C. 4-H member must satisfy and the project specific requirements.

Please note that these requirements apply to the Esprit de Corps 4-H Club per their bylaws.  If you are a member of another 4-H Club, you may have a different set of requirements specific to that Club.  Please consult with your Club leader if you have questions.

Regular Business meeting attendance is required. One cannot miss 3 or more meetings unexcused. Unexcused absence means failure to notify the Club Leader, President, Vice President, or a member/leader who can relay the message prior to the meeting that the member will be absent and why.

The Business meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month (except in Sept.) at the 4-H Building (Building 501) located on the grounds of the Evergreen State Fair at 7:00 PM. Leadership meetings precede the business meetings and are at 6:30 PM. Interested members may attend.

In addition every member is required to:
  • Complete a Public Presentation at the area level (minimum).  For those who have earned 3 County Purple Awards, the public presentation is optional.  It is also optional for Primaries.
  • Keep Annual Record Books current. Annual Record Books must be turned in to the club leader before fair & checked.  For those who have earned 3 County Gold Seals the Annual Record Book is optional.  It is also optional for Primaries.  Completed Annual Record Books are turned on for internal judging at the club level by September 15 and submitted to County 4-H on October 1.
  • Keep Permanent Record Book up to date. The Permanent Record Book must be turned in to the club leader before fair (September 15) & checked.  You will also turn in your permanent Record Book to the club leader in October with the Annual Record Book.
  • Participate in a minimum of 4 Community Services. One must be hands on Members completing 10 or more will be eligible for a Community Service pin at our Club Awards.
  • Membership Costs: Total of $20.00 annually per member. A $10.00 county fee is assessed annually for each member and is used at the County Level to support the operations of County 4-H. In addition, every member will pay club dues of $10.00 annually.  Club dues are paid to the Treasurer.  Families experiencing financial difficulties may report to the Club Leader and request to have their dues waived.

  • A fund raiser may be planned to help members offset this cost. Those who participate in the fund raiser may consider their assessment erased or reduced. 
  • Be responsive to requests to participate.  Activities and events are planned for the benefit of the 4-H Member to participate in fun activities with other Members of the Club. Participation demonstrates the motto of the Club. Members must call or email the Activities Directors to RSVP for a club activity. If there is an up-front cost involved, it must be paid in advance. Permission slips may be required for outings. To facilitate planning, activities will be scheduled as far in advance as possible.
  • Primary and Junior Members (K – 5th grade) must have parent supervision.  If the parents cannot be present at an activity they must arrange for another parent to supervise their child. 
  • Members who meet the requirements noted above will earn a Year Pin at the annual Club Awards. Youth must have been members for at least six (6) months to earn a Year Pin. In the event an accommodation is needed for special situations, the final decision will reside with the Club Leader in consultation with the Project Leader(s).
  • These are the minimum requirements necessary to participate in the Snohomish County Fair at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds each August.
  • Participation in Evergreen State Fair is an annual objective of all Projects and the Club in general. The Evergreen State Fair is a required step toward the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. In addition to the requirements noted above, there are additional requirements outlined below:
    1. Meet the entrance criteria to compete at the Evergreen State Fair. Requirements to participate in Fair are published annually and are available from the Club Leader and through WSU Extension. 
    2. Follow the rules for exhibiting at Fair. Members will follow all county rules for exhibiting at both County and State Fairs.