Learning at Esprit de Corps 4-H centers around topic specific projects.  As a multi-project club, Esprit de Corps offers topics that cater to the interests of the members.  The project is focused around the education experience.  The following projects are offered through the gracious volunteer efforts of parents and community members:



The club is run by youth for youth.  Each project and the club as a whole are led by 4-H youth interested in the topic and their learning in leadership.  Using the Club Business Meeting as a tool, officers and committee chairs are elected on a periodic basis in both major and minor offices.  In addition, each project offers opportunities to practice leadership techniques.  Officers, both major and minor, serve the club in leadership capacities ranging from the Club President, Vice President and Treasurer to the Web Master, Community Service Leader to Clean Up Committee.



The Dog Agility and Showmanship project teaches important life skills while working with our dogs.  We learn showmanship, obedience training,  rally obedience, agility, parts and bones, breed id, judging skills,  grooming, health care of our dog, record keeping, and so much more!



The Poultry Project teaches poultry husbandry of chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, pigeons and other domestic poultry breeds.  The 4H youth learn breed identification, basic first aid, care and handling, showmanship in competition, and parts of the chicken. 


 Model Railroad

The Model Train education project of Snohomish County 4-H is a part of the Mechanical Sciences Program. The aim of our project is to teach youth life skills while they learn about model railroading. 4-H uses a variety of projects as a catalyst to engage young people and help them build on many life skills. In this club, like-minded kids and adults are working together as they explore their interests in model trains, railroad history, and a variety of related topics. Children of all ages that are enrolled in the project are able to interact in a safe and secure setting that is overseen by WSU 4-H enrolled volunteers. The club encourages our community to be part of this exciting and educational project.



The Computer & Robotics Project will focus on basic computing hardware and software platforms. Basic desktop, laptop and server systems will be examined. In addition, there will be investigation into the different operating systems of computers. A brief overview of the methods computers use to communicate with each other will be examined. The communication methods will focus on Ethernet protocols and networks.

The project hosts First Lego League and Junior First Lego League teams.  The 4-H youth learn about robotics, robotics programming and themed project activities in a fun, competitive season.

Finally, the project will have some fun. With a Minecraft for Education implementation, students will have the opportunity to build a universe within the Esprit de Corps technology domain. With the educational focus, each student will have an opportunity to use the Minecraft paradigm to create a space of their choosing, augment with their specific topic area and use it as a project for the year.

 Food & Gardening

The Gardening Project provides positive opportunities for 4-H youth to learn how to correctly plan a garden, proper planting techniques for various fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  In addition, we learn how to properly care for a garden including weeding, watering, and fertilization,  ways to harvest and store produce.  Finally, the sciences of soils, photosynthesis, season extenders, and hydroponics are reviewed and learned.

Do you want to learn how select, care for, and train a rabbit for personal or family enjoyment. If yes, then 4-H rabbits is for you!  Rabbit projects teach members about rabbits parts, breeds, cost of raising a rabbit, how to care for a rabbit, and much much more. We meet once a month.  

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 The 4-H woodworking project is a fun way to learn the basics of wood construction and woodworking. This project covers the basics of construction safety, sawing, nailing, and wood finishing, while showing youth how to create and construct fun, useful items. Youth also have the opportunity to explore careers in woodworking and construction as part of the project. The 4-H Woodworking is an excellent fall and winter proj-ect because it can be done indoors

The Cavy Project is a project to learn and teach others about the wonderful world of cavies!
We come together and learn about Archery, from soup to nuts.  What are the parts of a bow, how to shoot, how to train for consistency and accuracy, and the types of competitive archery.  We also throw in a bit of archery history when it comes up.

Note: Because this is a shooting sport, project members must be at least eight years old on October 1st of the current 4-H year.
 Vet Sciences