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Train Project Schedule (tentative)

Note: These are rough guidelines and can and probably will be changed as the year progresses, but it’s enough of an outline as to what to expect.

Every Meeting (one off for new or absent members)?

  • Box details

  • Box orders

  • Box Building

  • Track placement

  • Materials needed:  Wood glue, pencil, blue tape.

September -

  • No Meeting

October -

  • Introductions getting to know each other

  • T-Trak introduction and general supplies

  • Train box ordering

  • Track specs and ordering details

  • Start thinking about goals and what you want to learn  

November -

  • Record Books: writing in your journal, setting a project goal

  • Receive boxes this day?  Help to build the boxes?  No track laying can happen yet, unless we lay on base

  • Instruction: Large group box building, wiring?

  • Large group track placement (marks, attach: nailing, glue)

  • How tracks conduct electricity

  • How the electricity goes to the engine

  • Track switches

  • Cleaning track

  • Materials needed:  Wood glue, pencil, blue tape.

December -

  • Record Books: setting a project goal

  • Instruction: Landscape design (materials, foam, hydrocal...etc)

  • Materials needed:  foam, hydrocal, paper strips, mesh, ???

January -

  • Record Books: tracking costs.  

  • Instruction: Plaster work and texturing

  • Materials:  hydrocal, modgepodge, India ink mix, the other plaster stuff, texture material

February -

  • Presentations: Is needed to show and presentations start in March!

  • Instruction: creating trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

  • Materials: Skewers, green filter material, hair spray, texture

March -

  • Presentations: Is needed to show and presentations start soon!

  • Instruction: creating mountains and rocks.

  • Materials: molds, hyrdrocal

April -

  • Fair Theme: 2017 “Harvest the Memories”

  • Instruction: creating water

  • Materials: Water makings (various types, or just epoxy type?)

May -

  • Posters for Fair

  • Instruction: Backgrounds/Skyboxes

  • Materials: Cardboard, paints

  • Working on boxes for Fair?

June -

  • Posters for Fair

  • Instruction: weathering train cars

  • Materials: chalk, brushes, hairspray

  • Working on boxes for fair?

July -

  • Fair submit talks (what you can sign up for)

  • Fair: Box Judging (when??)

  • Instruction: Review of techniques as requested by members

  • Stewardship, number of expected shifts __

  • Instruction: Judging boxes

August -

  • Fair prep

  • Fair: Box Judging happens ___/___/____, at _____________________________

  • Sign up genius

Augmented Learning (specialized learning topics that can happen anytime):

  • Train repair

  • Bridges

  • Roads

  • Switches, lights, etc

  • Buildings, structures, people, vehicles